Breeding Baroncio

Baroncio started breeding horses at the beginning of 1970. Loris Abate discovered this area in 1969, while crossing it on horseback, he fell in love with this land, Maremma, and chose it as “buen ritiro” to relax from the city stress. He had the stables built even before the country house. The vineyards and the stables were the first to be set up of the Baroncio we can see today.

Alarge part of the stones used to renovate and enlarge an old farmhouse came from the ground “trenching” made for the grapevines. At the same time he gave life to the horse breeding for horse riding. The good results we have today are due to the meticulous research which has been made year after year, from the stallions to the brood-mares, which are both essential to give birth to brave and intelligent fillies with a natural gift for jumping or dressage.

Baroncio has also hosted important National Jumping Competitions: the grass field, with the stands for the public, is located next to a lake inside the estate and is very much appreciated, both for the beauty and the quality of the ground.